Sunday, August 28, 2011

I love my job... so Im gonna BLOG IT!

I am currently working in a little store called The Donegal Shop. Despite the name it is actually situated in Dublin city in St Stephens Green shopping center.
We sell Traditional Aran Jumpers and a Big range of Irish Products a lot of them Hand made including scarves and hats and even jumpers and jewelery. Mostly the owner is really nice and also her daughter. If I had more viewers i would advise you to go check them out... maybe you may spot this and go anyway its worth the visit... Oh and the Homemade jam is wonderful...

Alot of tourists come from all around the world and buy stuff in our shop. I find all of the customers to be really nice and try my best to serve them with a smile. We post everywhere so I like to remind them if they like the stuff to rememeber they don't have to worry about the weight.

But yeah i do love working there.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sad Child.

Well, Ive been cleaning my room in the past week, a big o'l clean out too. While cleaning though I picked up my old most favorite as I call Morkey dolls and noticed one of them, the smallest one's hair has fallen completely off. Notice my sadness for the poor doll. Even worse as its been so long since I looked at them I turner her around only to notice that this doll had the saddest little face I have ever seen. I was so depressed I showed it to my sis Genevieve.

She then told me she would do her a crochet hat. I supplied her with Wool and so she went to work and made her a very pretty little while hat. I hope to get my doll new hair or a wig at some stage but her sad face doesn't look as sad any more. I am also making them some clothes as they are a tad bit naked at the moment!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pokemon Silve


Yeah I am so looking forward to this now... I thought as a first blog post I should upload something that is MAJORLY epic and AWESOME to the highest level humanly possible. (I couldnt figure how to make that sound more dignified but its so great grammer goes out the window.)

It is my intention that when it comes out on the 26th I will purchase it. Hopefully I will be able to trade in My sims pets and my zoo tycoon to get it (fingers crossed) other wise may have to Beg borrow or steal. Either way I will get it no matter what! *evil laugh*

So Far not much has come to my knowledge of the Game but It is under my presumption that it may possibly look like this.

Well enough oof my rant for the moment. I just needed to fill in one blog at least.